Wednesday, June 26

Things not commonly known about missionaries

Missionaries love people but can struggle with loneliness, especially within the first couple years as they are learning the language and starting to develop relationships. Loneliness can be very trying.

There are days when you want to hop in your car and drive away. And just keep driving until you either reach home or the closest airport to take you home, no looking back. To return to people who will receive you with hugs in a place that is familiar. I can't count how many times I've had this thought.

Homesickness can strike at any time, over any little thing. For example, taking your car to the shop and being frustrated over not fully understood or not being able to fully understand the mechanic. Will my car actually be fixed? Will I be ripped off? Does it have to be so hard?

The first year of ministry is the hardest and often the worst.

This is all I can come up with for the time being...definitely a "Debbie-downer" post.

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Jenny said...

Mindy, it is ok to post your difficulties, because that way we can share your burden and pray for you. That is part of the journey. We understand a bit about that loneliness of being in a culture where you don't yet speak the language fluently. It can be incredibly lonely but also can draw you so close to the Savior. Lord I pray you will send Mindy a special Mexican friend who will be by her side and persevere through the language barrier. Bless her with joy overflowing and peace.