Friday, April 19

Water? or Something else?

Every culture has it's unique terminology. Words that are considered normal but are not universally applied the same way, even between countries that use the same language.

One thing I have learned down here in Mexico is that they use the word agua (water) for both water and juice (jugo). Can we say awkward? Someone asks if you want agua and then they give you juice! Or last summer, at one event we had both juice and water. I believe I even asked the kid if he wanted juice or water. He responded water so I gave him water. But his look of surprise told me that he wanted juice.

Or this past Tuesday, my friend Erin and I had a girl's day, up in San Diego, with three of our Mexican friends. Erin made the comment at the hotel, "there's strawberry water if you're thirsty." The eyes of all three of our friends lit up and they went to get some but starting laughing when they realized it was water, not juice like they were expecting.

It's not like the word jugo is hard to say...just as many syllables and letters. But agua it is.
Oh silly Mexico!

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