Saturday, April 13

Gracias a Dios

This week I had the opportunity to share prayer, and bread, and oranges, and laughter with a Mexican woman named Gaby, and three of her kids.

I love going to people's houses to pray. There's a natural fellowship that takes place when we commune together with God and when we intercede on other's behalf to God. Plus, this woman is just delightful...she has a beautiful smile, bright eyes, and a pleasant, serving disposition.

We asked Gaby what we could pray about and she began sharing about a couple of her kids (she has about 5-6, I can't remember the exact number). She shared a common prayer request that her 19 year old son would find a job...a request that came up regularly in our home visits. There isn't enough jobs in Tijuana (or the rest of Mexico) to support the need, even for those with education. But as she was sharing, she made a comment that has stuck with me.

As she shared, she mentioned that her son didn't have a job, "gracias a Dios," which means "Thanks to God." I heard and understood her but figured I didn't understand her meaning...was she thankful her son didn't have a job and if so, why? Thankfully, the woman translating was equally confused over her meaning and questioned it..."why thanks to God? are you thankful he doesn't have a job?" To which she said, it isn't about whether or not her son has a job but the importance of giving thanks to God in all circumstances (my paraphrase). Give thanks to God in the rainy seasons and in the sunny seasons. When walking through seasons of blessings or seasons of hardships. Whether your prayers are being answered the way you desire or not, thanks to God.

A beautiful reminder. A great lesson to learn.
Gracias a Dios.
Thanks to God.
For everything.
All the time.

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Amy Hocking said...

That is a beautiful reminder! Love it!