Monday, March 4

A haven of love

Sitting at my friend's table, cup of coffee is near, I am grateful for the love I have been shown. I have been accepted into this home and family, even though half the time I don't understand their language and they don't understand mine. They patiently wait, and offer suggestions, as I strain and stumble through mental conjugations and recollection of spanish lessons. The love that I am shown is the same gracious love that is shown to all the boys, who come to the rehabilitation center, for a myriad of reasons.

Life here quietly hums with activity starting around 5am, when the oldest boy gets up and ready for high school. The hum grows louder within the next two hours as all the boys get up and ready to start a new day. For some, it includes school and for others it includes chores around the house.

But before they all hit the ground running, they sit down for a time of devotions; hearing from the Word of God. They are encouraged to know God and His love and power. They are encouraged to surrender their struggles, addictions, anger, and pain to a God who heals, forgives, and loves unconditionally. They are encouraged to let God work His redeeming plan in their lives, changing them into men who faithfully love God and serve others.

It is in this haven, where love is shown, where my heart has begun to simultaneously root down and soar with passion and excitement. God is doing a good work in me, in the boys, and in my friends.

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