Friday, December 7

An English Exam

On Thursday, we finished up our English class with the boy's home, for the Christmas season. To wrap up a term requires the administration of a well-written test, which I thoroughly enjoyed putting together. It was creative, it was varied, I was proud of the end result. 40 questions covering material from September to December.

One of the topics we studied this term were things of the house. They did quite well when we studied the house so I had hopes that listing any 10 things or rooms would be a relatively easy feat. But as it turned out, only a couple students remembered 10 and the rest only gave me about 3 items/rooms, before calling it quits. I used the below picture for my test:

One young man, upon completion, handed me his test and I looked it over to see briefly how he had done. He was one who only came up with 3 labels of the house. I burst out laughing when I saw that one of the things he labeled was the dog sitting at the end of the bed. He started laughing when I told him what I had just spotted and that a "dog," while it could be arguably good answer, was not something we had studied and therefore could not be counted, despite the fact that the entertainment was well appreciated.

Oh my goodness, I love this English class and I love this kid.
I have such enjoyable moments out there.

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