Thursday, October 4

For His Glory

There's something very beautiful when a person is using their talents and training for God's glory and to serve others. It's a confirmation that regardless of who you are, regardless of your training, strengths, or hobbies, there is a place for everyone in missions. God wants to use every type of person to bless others and be instruments of His glory.

Every. Single. Type. Of. Person!

So never believe that you haven't received the right (or enough) training or don't know what to say or that you are a boring person, because that's not true. God chose to make you the way you are to bring glory to Him...He wants to use you. He wants to use you where you are right now...He wants to use you in places both far and near...He wants to use you always.

Throughout the summer, I've been blessed by watching people come to Mexico and serve others in practical ways...based on their training and employment:

We had two ladies use their time and talents to cut hair

We had a man (with accompanying teammates) cook a delicious dinner for a church.
I've been blessed to watch people serve others based on their interests and hobbies: playing with kids, soccer, translating, just to name a few.


So don't listen to any lies that you have nothing to offer. There is always a place for you in missions, whether at home or overseas. And I guarantee that when you offer yourself to God, He will not disappoint you...He may challenge and stretch you but you will also be blessed beyond belief.

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