Friday, September 14

What I'm up to

The craziness of summer is past. The non-stop pace has faded as we have more downtime, but us remaining interns commented recently that life is still busy. Just a different busy. Here's what this past week entailed:

Monday and Wednesday: Spanish class from 9:30-11:30am
Monday and Thursday: Teaching English from 6:00-8:00pm
Tuesday: Spent all day working at a site building a septic tank.
Wednesday: Prepare Thurs' English lesson, Evening church at 6pm
Thursday: Day off (until English class)...this was so nice!
Friday: Painted a house

This pace has been good. There's a chance to take a nap, visit a park, read a book, etc. But ministry doesn't and hasn't stopped. And that too is good.

I'm keeping my eyes open on how I can serve.

On a different note, I keep thinking of things I'd love to share however, I am temporarily without a camera and most of these things really need a picture to accompany the story. Grrr. So one day I'll hopefully get around to sharing many more details. :)

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