Wednesday, August 1


I heard a story today...from a new friend who is a natural storyteller.
As she wove her story, about her own life, I was drawn in and captivated.
I shared in her joys and sorrows, in her journey of faith.
Tears filled my eyes and my heart was tugged at what she shared about her history.

Her story has brought to my mind the tugs of my heart.
The same tugs I've had since some of my younger childhood days.
Tugs that have remained, been challenged, and strengthened, year after year.
Tugs that are not presently part of my life.

On some days, I wait patiently, trusting, and content.
On other days, I yearn, struggle, and ache with longing for these dreams to come to pass.
When? When will it be my turn?
Will these dreams ever come to be?

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