Saturday, May 19


I just finished reading a Christian-fiction book where a godly man mentioned that he was not a man controlled by his urges.

This comment has got me thinking.

Am I controlled by my urges? Or rather, how often am I controlled by my urges rather than practicing self-control?

For me, this includes food choices, superfluous spending, and giving myself the night off instead of taking myself to the gym like I know I should.

One of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control. Practicing discipline can be hard, especially when a years of selfish choices have created habits that are hard to break. And yet, to be a person not controlled by any selfish urge, is a person who is truly free. Free to be the person that God has destined them to be.

And that is what I want.

So in light of that, some plans need to be created and I must begin to practice the word "NO." Truthfully, to fight these urges is a big big that it feels overwhelming...but God is greater and gives greater grace. That, my friends, gives me the motivation to move forward.

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