Friday, February 24

What I'd like to do this weekend...

--Catch up on sleep
--Catch up on laundry...oy vey! do I need this!
--Go bowling (I wish!)
--Watch an episode (or two) of Downton Abbey
--Watch an episode (or three) of Once Upon A Time...I'm so far behind.
--Wear my pajamas all weekend (not gonna happen) or at least most of the weekend (maybe?)
--Have some quiet time and by quiet time, I don't mean devotions with God, I simply just mean some noiseless, no people-interaction, silence. Maybe some instrumental background music. But this girl needs a recharge and quietness is how it's done.
--Go out in the snow (if we are so lucky on Sunday!)
--Have a good wordy chat with a friend
--Make soup (Chicken Taco Soup)
--Drink coffee...yum!
--Work on my Beth Moore Bible Study
--Memorize some Scripture
--Shave my legs
--Spend some time reading the Bible
--Make something fun in the kitchen (cookie dough, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, chocolate mousse).
--Write a letter to a friend
--Take a nap
--Take off current nail-polish and maybe put new polish on
--Go to church and hug at least 5 people
--Work a bit more on my "ugly" blanket
--Take a walk around the lake outside or to the grocery store
--Discover something interesting
--Spend a little time thinking, daydreaming, researching options for my future
--Clean out the junk in my car (ie, swing by the goodwill to donate)

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend!

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