Tuesday, January 17

Snow, Bible Study, Books

It's snowing outside, which I'm watching in between blogging and working. I love snow...I love the laden down trees, blanketed by white. I love the quietness the snow instills. I love the delight that often comes with playing in the snow, taking a walk, or even marveling at the snowflake's intricacies. In fact, right now, more than anything, I'd love to bundle up and take a leisurely walk to a coffee shop, with a friend...that sounds wonderful. But I'm at work and really, I am significantly lacking in the snow-preparedness realm, despite my loving it. I was just musing yesterday that I really should buy a pair of rubber boots for tromping outside. Ah well...I'm content at the moment to just enjoy my cup of coffee, watching the snow fall, while streaming some jazz music...not a bad start to my work day!

For the first time ever, I joined the ladies' Bible Study at my church. I've participated in Bible Studies before but it was the "young ladies'" group which disbanded about 2 years ago. Then between work, my Master's degree, and volunteering as a youth leader, I haven't really had time and/or opportunity to be in a ladies' Bible Study, until now. Plus, we are doing Beth Moore's study on James! How could I turn down a chance to learn from James and Beth? I mean, really...win, win!!

I'm reading a book called Kisses from Katie, by Katie Davis. She is a 23 year old (I think) who lives in Uganda and had adopted 13 girls (I think). I'm half-way done with this book but it is breaking my heart, chapter by chapter. This is doing to my heart what the book Reckless Faith by Beth Guckenberger did: breaking my heart for the orphan and children in need and at risk. My heart is willing and my arms are empty, eager to be filled with many many kids. I am so grateful that even in this "waiting" stage, God is able to use me to bless to the orphan, through my money, prayers, and hopefully soon, my time. But this heart that God has given me wants to love, touch, speak and empower children, face to face. One day, I trust! Anyhow, about the book...actually both books...very good, worthwhile, ones you should read...so pick them both up and add them to your reading queue!

Happy Tuesday, my friends!

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