Tuesday, January 24

Long distance calling

Part of my job requires that I call companies who are out of the area. I work with companies across the United States and often call Illinois, New Jersey, California, Tennessee, etc.

Because of all the many technological advances, calling those far-away states is a piece of cake and the clarity in our connections, is normal...in fact, it's expected!

And yet...

One company that I call regularly is Tree Top...who is located a mere 1.5 hours away...on the other side of the mountains. Ironically my connection with them is almost always sketchy. It's become quite comical. Most of the time, whenever I call over there, I end up calling from some distant land. My Tree Top contact has caller ID and has told me, upon receiving my call, that instead of my area code (425) coming up, it will show some other random digits. So far, I've called from Florida, California, Argentina (I think), and today, Ohio.

My call is going out and somehow being re-routed through another state/country to connect with a person who is hardly long-distance. Isn't that funny?

When she calls me, there isn't any problem so it only happens when I initiate the calling.
It's give us something to laugh about, for sure.

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