Friday, December 9

Anna Grace

When my parents were pregnant with me, child #2, the girl name that my mom wanted was Anna Grace, my great-grandmother's name. However, my dad vetoed that name and I was named after some random waitress whose name my dad liked and suggested to my mom. Great story, huh?

Anyways, when my parents were expecting child #4, my dad conceded. The girl could be given the long-awaited name of Anna Grace. However, my parents were instead given a long-awaited son, who received another family name.

Anyhow, one book I read this year was One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and from reading that book, a recent thought came into my head, which spurred me to go online. So earlier this week, I looked up the name Anna and discovered, like I had guessed, that it means Gracious.

That child would have had a redundant name.
This amuses me.
That's all for today, folks!


Mindy said...

And yet 'Mindy' means 'loving' so it's not all bad. ;-)

Gracious Grace...pretty funny! But a lovely name all the same.

Mindy said...

hahaha...Mindy, I have a theory that every unique name, without any traceable etmology, is given a meaning of some derivative of "love"....beloved, love, loving, loved one, etc.

My sister's name is Amy and her name means Beloved. Like I said...just a theory. :)