Thursday, November 10

Oh. What. A. Day.

Thus far, this is the kind of day where...
  • I wish I had a spouse waiting for me at home where I can unload, talking about thing after thing and having him ask attentive, sympathetic, and wise questions.
  • I wish I had a spouse waiting for me at home who could just hold me if all I want to do is remain quiet and not verbally unload after a day of putting out "fires," which is probably more likely.
  • I wish we could implement Daylight Savings Time so that we can move the clock forward an hour...then I'd only have 2.5 hours left of work.
  • I (partly) wish I could stop a bar on the way home and have a drink or two. I know...not necessarily a good habit (emotional drinking??) to start.
  • I feel justified eating a very unhealthy piece of pie...I know, emotional eating is never a good thing.
  • I wish I was one of those runner types that would pound out all the highs and lows of today. However if I tried that now, I don't think there would be any thought beyond trying to remember to breathe.
  • I find myself daydreaming of warm tropical locations, far far away, when I should be diligently putting out more "fires."
  • the bathroom almost seems like a place of refuge while at work.
Oh man.
The day hasn't been horrible...just a modge podge of good, bad, and ugly. The warm-ish (60 degrees) sunny day outside, complete with blue skies, varies from taunting me to encouraging me...depending on what is going on at my desk. :)

On the plus side, it is now 1:30pm and work is over half way done for the day!
And that pie was very yummy!

**Update: The crazy day ended with laughter. I went to Old Navy to return two shirts, that I had purchased Wednesday, which would give me back $18. As I walked into the store and realized that a couple fixtures had been changed from the day before. So I wondered if maybe some new things were on sale. (I used to work at Old Navy and knew they had a 7 day price adjustment...all you needed was to bring in a receipt.) One cardigan I had purchased the day before was a bit more expensive than I had anticipated. So I walked to where they were located and sure enough it was on sale! From $34 down to $20.50. Sah-weet!!! So I walked up the register, told the girl that I wanted to return the two shirts and that the one cardigan was now cheaper and could I get a price adjustment. SOOO, she scanned in my receipt and hello! another sweater I had purchased was also on sale!!! So instead of just getting $18 back, I ended up getting $46 back! I walked out laughing at how that all went down! A great way to start my evening!

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