Friday, September 16

Hark! The weekend is nigh!

The last two weeks or so, I've been running on "tired."

Despite being tired, I've distracted myself with books, keeping myself reading night after night, until 10pm, 10:30pm, or 11pm. (10:30pm is the usual time when I turn the lights off on a normal weekday.) So I haven't allowed myself to get extra sleep, even though I've known I've needed it.

Then the weekends are usually my "catching up" days but those have been fully loaded from early morning to late at night. It's rather humorous how busy my schedule has been...not that I'm complaining. I've chosen this busy schedule and have been able to do a number of fun things, over the past months' weekends, such as go to the fair and rodeo, do a day hike on Mount Rainier, early morning phone chats, church campouts, dinner with friends, etc...

But tomorrow is mostly empty of plans.  (It was completely empty until today...I just scheduled an interview at 11am, which still means sleeping in and a leisurely time of waking up. I'll probably even have my interview in my pajamas! Gotta love that!) I am so excited to have a (mostly) open day...a day of rest...a Sabbath day, for me and the Lord. I hope this day is one of those nice looooong days where times ticks by slowly!

**Okay, who just thought of The Princess Bride when reading that last paragraph. "It just so happens that your friend here is only MOSTLY dead" (Miracle Max). Or is it just me who thought of that? :)

Anyhow, I hope the weekend ahead of you, regardless if it is full or empty of plans, brings refreshment and laughter and is full of the presence of God.

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