Wednesday, September 7


Whenever someone faces a choice, they are usually encouraged to makes lists of PROS and CONS.
The idea is that whichever list has more PROS, choose that! or the hope is that when listing the PROS and CONS, the individual is enlightened to what they truly want. At least that is how it seems to go in tv shows or movies.

But for's an endless cycle of not knowing what to do.
Both options have multiple pros and both options have cons.
In fact, at this point in time, the option I previously didn't choose, is the one that makes more sense whereas the option I did choose, has more cons. Hmm.

But cons don't make that decision wrong. They just make it uncomfortable.
I had peace about my decision until the last week.
Now, I've re-entered a time of praying and much thinking.
It's a bit frustrating and plus the decision formerly made is now demanding me to move forward accordingly.

And I feel like a stalled car sitting at a crossroads.
I've been here before. Made a turn.
Only to find out that if want to change my mind, there's a "u-turn" option ahead.
Nuts! I suppose life is often like that, only this time that "u-turn" option has really give me a pause.

So while I sort this's a little old school DC Talk...


Mindy said...

Praying He directs your path.

Mindy said...

Thanks Mindy (sorry for the delay). I appreciate any prayer...God is working, I'm just sure how and where that looks (if that makes sense). :)