Wednesday, August 24

These Whirlwind Days

I've allowed my schedule to get busy...much busier than normal.
Part of it is in the fact that I'm trying to take full advantage of the summer season before the rainy season returns (some time between mid-September and mid-October).

I used to think that Washington had four I've aged, I've changed my mind. We have about 2-4 weeks of real winter, 2-6 weeks of real summer and then the rest of the time is the rainy or overcast season. Yes, spring and fall can have some really lovely days...the kind that makes us glad to live in Washington. But then the grey skies return and the heavens open with rain...which isn't completely awful, despite how I just managed to make it sound gloomy.

So anyhow, as I was saying, I'm trying to take advantage of the few remaining sunnier, warmer days. And, since I'm moving at then end of the year, I'm trying to be intentional about investing in relationships. And I've also decided to get involved in some community service...more on that another time. The busy schedule isn't bad and right now, I'm not feeling too stretched or tired but it is a bit astounding (to me) at how full it becomes.

I think I'll end with a random question...
I have friends coming for dinner on Saturday. Usually planning a menu is one of the exciting elements of inviting guests over, for me anyways. But this time, my mind is blank. I think of one excitement. I think of another excitement. I'm running out of time and need to go shopping for said meal. What should I make??? I wish I had a BBQ grill...I could get excited about that!


Mindy said...

What size is the group? Are there any special diets? If you don't have a grill, do you want to use the oven or is it too hot for that? Would you rather use the stove top or have something less 'hot' to prepare? Do you want it all prepared before they arrive, or do you want them involved in the process?
I have ideas! ;-) (and obviously a question or two...)

Mindy said...

I like this!!!
4 adults and one baby.
No special diets except healthy is the name of the game.
No preferences on oven or stove top.
Typically I'm have "have it all ready" type of gal. BUT your questions did remind me that I have a raclette "machine" that I haven't used in a long long time. That would be fun...

Mindy said...

I'm not familiar with that, but it sounds fun!

One thing we like to do when "entertaining" a group is allow them to 'build their own' item to personalize what each person wants to have. For instance: we'll do build your own pizzas on tortilla shells and bake them in the oven. Regular tortilla shells spread with pizza sauce and a variety of toppings lets each person choose. You could do something similar with tacos or even quesadillas (one of our favorites). Just have all your toppings ready to go and get everyone involved in the prep!

Another plan-ahead item I like to do uses my crock pot. I have a great recipe for sausages -a great summer classic- in the crock pot. You can do it with Bratwurst or even Italian Sausage. Depending on if they are frozen or thawed, you put them in at a certain time and just let them go. Then you can make some simple and refreshing side items to go along with it. A nice cole slaw or even just a relish tray would be fun.

A nice veggie lasagna could also be really good and easy. The veggies will keep it healthy and light for summer eating, but it's easy to put together ahead of time and freeze or refrigerate until it is time to bake it (though keep in mind, sometimes that means adding a few extra minutes for it to heat all the way through from being cold).

Wow...I sure have gone on and on, haven't I?!! Sorry--I get excited about food and sharing fun ideas. ;-)

Mindy said...

Thanks Mindy! All good ideas. I think I'm going to do my raclette thing...I'm excited about that! :)

Raclette is a Swiss dish that essentially makes, at least the way I do it, a glamorous baked potato!

Now to figure out dessert...

Mindy said...

Sounds delicious! Enjoy!