Wednesday, August 10

Joys During Singleness

college life
dormitory living
college degrees
living with my grandparents for a few months
Black Forest Academy/my kiddos
living in Europe
ministry experiences
cooking for 15-20 people
friendships from all over
working in a coffee shop
able to give freely
hospitality in my apartment
silence when needed
Godly lessons on trust, patience, responsibility
falling in love with the Word
revisiting Germany and Holland
a vision and future beyond my expectations
working with middle school students
having a sustaining hope
able to serve spontaneously
last minute plans to see friends
coffee dates with girlfriends
not having to talk after watching an emotional movie
being cultivated by God
rejoicing in other's blessings
sleeping in on Saturdays as needed
minimal criticism on my cooking
satisfaction of accomplishing jobs

**I'm chuckling over this list, because honestly I was surprised at how much I came up with...should that surprise me? God has allowed me to remain single thus far...would He not choose to bless me during this singleness doesn't negate the fact that there is much to be thankful for! Amen and amen!

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