Tuesday, May 17

My two-day wish list

Did uncertainty come across in my last post of what's going on?
Good...because that's how I feel. :)

I was chatting Sunday night, with a woman from my church, about all of that, and after saying "I don't know..." about five times, she asked if I could anything I wanted for two days, what would I do? Anyhow, the first two things below are what came to mind but I thought I'd expand it on it just a bit more, just for kicks.
  • Go to Germany (Black Forest Academy)...mainly because I have 11 kiddos there who I'd love to see again and again and again. I wouldn't care if I stepped back into a dorm role temporarily, taught Bible classes, or anything else. Just to be there a couple more days would be great!
  • Go to Mexico where my friends are serving, in Ensenada. Part of this is that I miss my friends and part of this is that I would genuinely welcome an opportunity to see the ministry in action and to serve however possible.
  • Go to an African orphanage. Have you ever seen a photo of African children and NOT wanted to go and hug them all? My answer is no...I don't care where in Africa...just plop me into an orphanage and I will love on all the kiddos around.
  • Go to Venice, Rome, Croatia, Prague, the Normandy area of France (especially Mont Saint Michel), Jerusalem, Istanbul, Aran Islands or Puerto Rico...all for tourist reasons, as I've never been to any of those places.
  • Visit one or more of my friends who are scattered across the North American continent. People I rarely see due to distance.
  • Interview people...it wouldn't have to be big-wigs per say, although some of those would be interesting too. It could be people whose blogs I follow, authors I enjoy or admire, people who started or serve with charities, missionaries, etc...basically I would just enjoy the opportunity to hear their stories and how things in their life came to be.
  • Do a tour of as many of the largest (and absurd) roadside attractions in the USA as possible...I'd need some fast mode of transportation. I just think it would be fun to have the photos.
So there you have it. If you had a two-day wish list, what would be on it?

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