Wednesday, March 23

Words I want to say, part 2

I wish I knew you better
I wish you knew me better
I don't have all the answers
Why did we lose contact
Thank you for believing in me
Your words aren't helpful
I just want your presence or a hug
Can you help me
How can I help you
Can I pray for you, right now
Will you teach me how to...
That hurt
Can I tell you about my Jesus

**These words are for nobody in particular but on the other hand, they are for everyone that I know and love. Often I let opportunities pass me by to say these words...words that have the ability to enrich and build up others...words that have the ability to heal and forgive. May I be more intentional about speaking love into people's lives.**


matt said...

there are many words you would like to say. i'm sure there are many people you would like to say them to. i hope you find the ability to have more honest and open communication.

Mindy said...

Most of these words I already am able to just usually saying them often enough or at the right moments. A learning process...