Tuesday, February 15

The day that was

Yesterday ended up not being too bad.
My boss treated us to Valentine's donuts and lattes.
I ended up not feeling too well and left work around 3pm and came home to sleep for an hour.
Then went to babysit sleeping kids while watching The Last Song...a mostly cheesy movie although part of the story line was good.
Oh, then I came home and found out my sister bought me Cinnamon Gelato...my favorite!
Yesterday ended up not being too bad.

Sunday, however, was not too good.
I think it was the anticipation of Valentine's Day.
Of course, it didn't help that I was watching cheesy Hallmark movies.
And then facebook starts the whole "paste a picture of your sweetheart and say how long you've been together."
Oh well, Sunday and Monday have passed.
I'm still single.
I'm still me.
I'm still waiting.
I'm still loved (by God, family, and friends).

Yesterday, I found a couple of the blogs that I regularly frequent to be encouraging: Jason Vana (read Monday's and Tuesday's) and A Cup of Jo.

Anyhow, happy there's-364-days-until-Valentines-comes-again day!

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