Tuesday, January 25

A Happy List

A blog friend created a list of ten items that make her happy...she "tagged" all her readers, encouraging us to do the same. I'm happy to comply, and no, that is not the first one.

1. Missions week...my church has a missions week every year. We are missions-oriented church year round but this week is always so special, having missionaries in our church and getting to hear about what God is doing world-wide. I love it and it is coming up next week!

2. The fact that my pants are not shrinking but I am! A very good feeling!

3. On Saturday I made banana bread in those cute little loaf pans. I had the idea to take one to my (retired) senior pastor and his wife...I ended up having a lovely chat with them for an hour. I love them.

4. Flowers. I went to the store yesterday and saw some Daffodils for sale. I bought two bunches, threw them in a vase and love the added cheer and color in my apartment, especially when it still quite dark out.

5. A miraculous story of healing. Adam was in a serious motorcycle accident and has been in a coma for the last 8 months. Over the last week or two, Adam has regained consciousness and has spoken! I actually haven't been following the blog but Amy's mom attends my church so I've been keeping tabs on this 8 month journey. All praise to the Lord!

6. I know this one is a bit redundant but things that make me laugh; whether it is other people, TV shows, books, or myself...for example, last night I was listening to my ipod, dancing around my bedroom, and laughing at myself for how stupid I must look, but not caring!

7. Hot drinks. I love my coffee, any time of day. But I also have this Pumpkin Spice herbal tea that a Canadian friend sent me that is also very good!

8. I posted this on facebook during a frustrating moment. But watching it does make me laugh. Even if you turn off the sound, it's still funny!

9. A text conversation from last night:
EC: Coffee Sunday?
Me: Yes please!
EC: Oky doky!

10. Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do...vacuuming, washing dishes, picking up items and especially dusting. However, a clean home does make me happy! It's very satisfying to walk into a clean tidy space. Oh, the second part of this is the three boxes of junk that I gave away to Goodwill in the last week! Hooray!

I know happiness can be fleeting but may there be bursts of happiness and long-lasting joy in your day!

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