Thursday, December 23

A Bit of Joy, Part 7

I'm still seeking joy. Here's what I've come up with today...
  1. As much as I complain about my job (sorry about that), I recognize that I am truly blessed with the job I have. I work for supportive and understanding people, who genuinely like me and want me there. I get occasional coffee treats, such as today. I get to leave early every Friday and extra early the eve of every holiday, such as today. I get to regularly talk with people and to hear some of their stories. And the list goes on...while it's easy for me to complain that I'm not where I want to be, today I choose joy over God's provision.
  2. Looking into my past, I'm astounded. For the record, I am so thankful that the life I wanted, when I was 18, didn't happen. I would have been "married, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen"...not that that is a bad thing but I would have missed out on college, friendships, Germany, more friendships, and many of the life-lessons I've learned along the way. It's astounds me how God has ordained my path and how it's been much better than I ever dreamed or expected. Not to say that there hasn't been hard points along that road but the fact that God's hand is all over my past, bring me much joy!
  3. Rain...yes, joy over rain. As I'm sitting here watching it rain outside again (a very common occurrence between the fall and spring seasons), I am reminded how good rain is. This reminder comes in my friend's blog, a song, and another song. This being said, I wouldn't object to snow!
  4. Becoming healthier. I have a long ways to go still however, the pants are a bit looser, I'm exercising a bit more...I'm healthier today than I was a month ago...every little bit is a good step in the right direction. And is immensely satisfying in the process. However, the holiday chocolates and goodies still sing to me...
I don't know if I'll make time to write in this next week's time...we shall see. I need to schedule in homework time tomorrow, then holiday plans, church activities, and now a trip to California next Monday-Wednesday.

So, in case I don't write in the next couple days, I hope you have a blessed and happy Christmas. May the incredible coming of our Lord be impressed upon your heart again and again!

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