Sunday, November 14

An Upcoming Chat

My brother, who is the youngest, grew up more or less in the same environment as my two sisters and I. He started attending church from the time he stepped out of the womb. He even gave his life to Christ when he was 7, while at Vacation Bible School. He once mentioned that he wanted to be a worship pastor, which blessed my heart immensely.

My brother has since stopped attending church and stopped trying to live a godly life. The theme for his life now is to be happy...which results in regular partying, excessive spending, and more behaviors that I am clueless about and probably don't really want to know. But despite our value differences, he is still my brother.

Thankfully I still have a decent relationship with him. About a month ago, I asked my brother if he believed in God. He said he didn't know but would be wiling to talk about it another time. We just made plans to hang out this Thursday night for that discussion.

I'd welcome your prayers...for clarity of mind, for wisdom, patience and above all, love, both in my speech and in my actions.


My name is Cait said...

How did it go??? I was praying!

Mindy said...

It went well...thanks for praying! Hopefully the few things I shared caused him to think. I now know where he stands, which will help in my praying for him. And the door remains open for more conversations, I think.