Friday, October 1

A Childhood Desire

I don't know when exactly I first came up with or realised this dream of must have been around 5th grade or so. But I remember thinking how I'd like to buy a really big house.

Not one of those huge houses that only has three huge rooms and closets the size of a garage but a huge house with lots of bedrooms and a decent sized yard (although I don't want to do the mowing). The reason why? So that I can take in kids who need a place to live...a safe place...a home...a place to just be and to connect with others and to grow...a place in which they could be wanted and loved.

Foster kids, adoption, or however else they came to me...I didn't care. I just wanted to mother the needy, abused, lonely kids in my community.

At that time, this huge home was located, right here in Washington but as I've become older the location for this home as become more global as I've become more missions-minded.

Give me a home in Africa for a bunch of AIDS orphans or child solders.
Give me a home in Asia full of abandoned kids or sex-trade victims.
Give me a home in America for the lost and broken all around us.
I want to hug and love on them all!

Honestly, my dream hasn't changed too much however the location is now negotiable.
Perhaps one day, I'll see that home but right now, I'm still dreaming...

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