Friday, September 10

A visit from elders

I was sitting on my couch, downloading important music onto my ipod. Thesis paper? What thesis paper?When all of a sudden there was a light knock at the door. When I opened the door, who was standing there but two Mormon guys: Elder Hansen and Elder Andrews.

Side note: I'm a listener. Whenever salespeople call or people come to the door, I listen. I feel way to guilty to hang up. For the salespeople, it's their job and how awful must it be to have person after person hang up on I listen.

So I listened to their little blurb...let them know that I am a Christian, when they asked, but then later told them I wouldn't be joining their church because of doctrinal differences/disagreements. They wanted to know more. Would I be interested in hearing what they believe, when I have would only take 15-20 minutes? Hmmm...I figured this could be interesting so I agreed and invited them in right then. Thankfully my place was mostly clean!

Back and forth, we discussed/debated/disagreed on various aspects of prophesy, baptism and the priesthood of the church. One thing I thought was funny was that twice they referred to the book of Amos. Amos!?! It's been a while since I've studied Amos and it struck me funny because it seemed so random...of all the books, people and verses in the Bible, they call on Amos! I guess I need to study up on that book.

An hour later, they called it quits. Not because I converted them or even frustrated them (I don't think) but because the hour was late and they needed to go. They offered to come back again which I told them they could do, if they wanted.

They left me a little booklet with the Latter Day Saints doctrine. I've read through it, underline things that contradict the Bible and found Scripture to support my understanding. Plus, back in my dad's college days, he typed up a paper of all the errors found in the Book of Mormon, based on the book Kingdom of the Cults. I printed that paper up and will look it over. So if they happen to visit again, I'll be ready...that is, once I've re-read Amos.

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Janelle said...

What an interesting evening! I think you are right about being a listener-- when people are able to talk about what's important to them, they're more likely to listen to what's important to us. And, if I could venture a suggestion, these young men are likely far from family and friends and probably would enjoy the chance to spend time at your place eating some good food. Become their new friend and you may end up with many more similar conversations!