Tuesday, April 20

An Interesting Conversation

I work with one other lady who I've mentioned can be difficult to work with at times. I decided to go to work this week with a better attitude...having a spirit of gratitude instead of frustration...looking for God's blessings and provisions rather than what I don't have.

Maybe it was because of this mental switch or just through divine appointment but I had a "Christian" discussion with my co-worker, which is the first time this has happened in the almost three years I've been at this job. It was a bit amazing.

My co-worker asked about my weekend. I told her that I finished my TESOL certificate and have officially started my thesis paper research. She casually asked again what my thesis paper is about (I love it when people ask me...perfect opportunity to share a snippet about God). I told her it was on Suffering and I ended my comment there. Normally I expand but this time I didn't. But she took the bait and asked if it was on why some people suffer and others don't. I explained that it was more about what the Bible has to say about suffering, what the "normal" Christian thinks and how it impacts missions.

Since her look appeared interested, I went on to say that what I know of the Bible, it seems that God basically promises suffering to those who follow Him. Her remark, desiring to assist with my explanation, was, "those who deserve it...." And I gently corrected her saying that no, it was more that whoever was going to follow and try to be more like Jesus would suffer by following His example. She slowly nodded but didn't comment on that.

From there, we discussed church health. I found out that she had attended a Congregational Church growing up but left because all they apparently preached was the need for money.

Ultimately, in my perspective, there was no great seed planted or life-changing moment but I tell you what...this was the longest "religious" conversation I've had with her ever...and that excites me. She has always seemed a bit closed off. Even my boss, who has worked with her for 20 years, has mentioned to me a time or two that when it comes to spiritual matters, she never seems interested.

May God continue to use me.

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