Tuesday, April 27

Good Night Nellie

I'm a pretty good speller, in my opinion. I typically notice immediately when I have spelled something wrong and then am able to correct it immediately.

However, lately I have been misspelling left and right. And I haven't noticed my misspelled words until after I have sent/posted/etc. It annoys me to no end. My frustration over my spelling makes me lash out and say harsh things like "good night nellie" or "holy cow."

This phase of spelling errors has been cyclical throughout the two or three years I've been working on my Master's degree and so I've gotten used to these phases occurring but it makes it no less embarrassing.

Dear World--
I resolve to type slower and will do my best to pay better attention so as to minimize mistakes.
I am grateful for your understanding that my mind can only handle so much. Once some of my education or work details leak out of my brain, there will be more room for my usual instant proofreading.
This too shall pass...thankfully.
If it doesn't, I will endeavor to create a dictionary to help you translate my writings or I will type only with assistance of the dictionary myself!
Good afternoon and good night.
Nellie Mindy

**For the record, I spell-checked this little blurb about 15 times in the process of writing it. Sigh...

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My name is Cait said...

I'm the opposite. I'm a terrible speller when it comes to typing and I just don't care.... if you know what I mean then I'm happy.

Perfectionist... I am not.