Tuesday, February 16

Where are they from?

My sister and I watched the Olympic's opening ceremony together. We had heard that it would start at 7:30pm but in actuality, it didn't start until 9pm (even though by then it was already over and we are in the same time zone as Vancouver...what's up with that?).

Anyhow, from 7:30-9pm they had some feature stories about the Olympics, about Vancouver and Canada, and about some of the players. It was somewhat interesting.

At one point this lady came on to talk about being a part of the passing of torch. Her little section was in the frozen lands of Nunavut. She commented about how friendly the Inuits were during her stay in the village where she ran. Upon which, my sister mentioned that she knew an Inuit.

Me: "From Capernwray?" (a Bible school both of us went to at different points of time)

Amy: "Yep...she was nice but a bit different. She definitely looked like an Eskimo. She was from Ninevah."

Upon which, I started laughing and laughing. Inuits from Ninevah??? A bit far away, methinks! She realised her mistake immediate but I still informed her that the correct territorial name was Nunavut.
Good times with my sister.

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