Tuesday, December 22

Reading, Cooking but not Dating

I was perusing blogs the other day and saw one titled "See Kate Date." I chuckled when I read that because if there was ever a "See Mindy Date" it would win an award for the dullest and shortest blog in existence. People would think it had been abandoned when in fact there just wouldn't be anything to share...good thing it's Kate writing and not me.

My mom asked me to bring some sugary-snack-dessert thing to dinner on Christmas Eve. I'm making a Chocolate-Chip Cream-Cheese layer bars...basically you layer a pan with cookie dough. Blend together the Cream Cheese, sugar, and vanilla (I think), spread that on top of the cookie dough and then top it with another lay of dough and bake. Yep...it's pretty wonderful and super sweet. I'm only making a small batch...have to take care of the family's waistlines and all....haha, heehee, ho!

Oh, so I finished Jane Eyre! Not that bad of a book. I actually overall enjoyed it! I think I enjoyed it more than the movie simply because Charlotte Bronte gives you more of Jane's thoughts than the movies. After watching the movie a couple years ago, I thought that Jane was stupid for putting up with Edward, more stupid for falling in love with him, and the over the top stupid for going back to him after he tried to marry her when he was already married himself! But to have that story in context with all of her thoughts plus additional details, I was able to appreciate the story and the character of Jane (even if Edward is still a putz!).


DeMo said...

I used to read See Kate Date. She had some good posts, and then quit blogging when her life took a turn. I think she still writes occasionally, but not the exciting dating stories one would be expecting.

My fave dessert (that I have to make tonight for a work potluck tomorrow) is a graham cracker crust, cream cheese + cool whip layered on the crust, and crumbled oreos on top. It's heaven on a spoon.

Mindy said...

Actually I saw the blog site name on your "blogroll." I also found (and tagged) Donald Miller's blog site through you...so thanks! He's pretty funny!

Your dessert sounds good! You can't go wrong with Oreos but Butterfinger would be good too! I'm sure it will disappear at your work tomorrow!