Tuesday, September 29

An Unexpected Gift

I was given a gift yesterday...the gift of 7 more days.

I have been telling people that school starts for me on October 12. I was down to my final two weeks and feeling a little anxious about that. Not anxious because I'm not ready for school to start and not because of the class subject (Strategic Planning-whatever that means) but anxious because my schedule has been so full lately...how will I possible handle everything with school added to my schedule?

When I got to work yesterday, I pulled out my work calendar which also contains a number of personal activities. To my delight, I saw that I had penciled in that school starts not on October 12th but on October 19th. This makes me so happy. Plus in addition to this, one of my main activities over the last couple weeks will be concluding October 11th. Sigh...it's all good...Someone is taking care of me.


Jerry and Kim said...

how cool! that kind of gift doesn't come every day... I am so happy you have another week of freedom in your schedule!
will you be doing something special due to the extra days?

Mindy said...

No, not really. Just try to wrap up a few things in order to be ready for school again. But on Saturday 10/17, I'm planning on going to go over the mountains in order to get some fresh apples with my dad! (I was planning on doing that even before I realized my extra week off.) Now I can go without school on my mind.