Thursday, September 24

Low Maintenance

I'm a pretty low-maintenance girl. My ideal hair style is to wash and go. I blow-dry only because I want volume but I wouldn't if I could get away with it. I rarely wear makeup and when I do, it's usually just mascara and eyeliner. I like to look nice but I also like (and greatly prefer) to be comfortable. I never wear fact, I don't even own any.

However, one area I wish to change is my perfume wearing status. But how does go about finding the perfect scent? If I go to a Perfume Shop, I get a headache within minutes because all the fragrances overwhelm me. Then if I go to a department store's perfume counter, I can smell a few but then after awhile, I have a hard time distinguishing between smells and then eventually the headache comes.

I was lamenting all this my sister, who loves her perfume, and she very unsympathetically said, "that's what the coffee beans are for!" Coffee beans? what coffee beans? Evidently unbeknownst to me, for people who get overwhelmed with scents, the department stores provide these little canisters of roasted coffee beans for individuals to sniff to cleanse their sniffers! So, my little sis promptly took me to the closest store and was determined to help me find a scent I liked with the assistance of the counter girl and the beloved coffee beans. Have I mentioned how much I love coffee before?

Anyways, I found a most delicious fragrance:

Euphoria by Calvin Klein

The only problem now is that this scent is a bit out of my current budget. I'm hoping to have this by Christmas but will wait for sale pricing. But I finally have found myself a more step toward high[er] maintenance for Mindy!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see another use for coffee!