Friday, January 2

Resolutions or Goals for 2009

I think setting goals is typically a good thing, if only for the fact that it makes you think about your life and refocus your direction. Every year I tend to look back at the past year, assess what I've experienced and what I've learned and then look forward to what could be.

This year is mildly important as I will be turning 30 in about 5 months. I know 30 is just another age but it feels like a bit of a mile-marker and therefore, I'd like to make 2009 a year where I continue to enrich my life. I have come up with the following resolutions/goals:

--Minimize spending, increase saving. Between school and rent, I naturally don't have a bunch of extra money but I do have a bunch of things in my apt that I don't really need. To accomplish this, I'd like to cut out all fast food or coffee trips. I also spend a fair chunk of my money on books, movies, and music...with the exception of school books, I should try to utilize my library card anything something is wanted. Honestly, I'm not too concerned with the saving part of my goal...if I have more money in my bank account I will be more inclined to give it away or use it to visit someone, both of which I believe are valuable and good.

--Live a more healthy life. Making intentional choices to eat more fruit/veggies, drink 8 cups of water, cut down on sweets by not buying them in the first place, and trying to fit exercise into my life. I've been disciplined before...I know I can do it again!

--Take two or three trips this year: one to visit grandparents in California, one to visit friends in Calgary, and one to visit the countries I love the most: Holland and Germany. The last one entirely depends on plane tickets costs. If this trip doesn't happen, then I will most definitely accomplish the California and Calgary trips.

--Do my best in graduate school...ideally get an "A" in all my classes.

--Get together once every other month with someone for coffee...six times in one year...I can definitely handle that!

Well, those are a good start. I should probably hash out details more for the first two goals, in order to be successful. Good luck with your resolutions! May God give you wisdom and strength to accomplish all that's good!

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